If you want bigger arms, do perform more tricep exercises. Doing tricep push-downs is a great way to build up mass in your arms. Triceps are the often-forgotten muscles that contribute to sleeker arms. Located on the opposite side of the biceps at the back of the upper arm,well-defined triceps make the arm look bigger – and they add a little pop to your jump shot. You find for Use Smooth, Steady Movement on this machine – Throughout the entire movement of a triceps press down,be sure to use smooth, controlled movements. Genty press the weight down, and when your arms and elbows are fully extended,gently allow the weight to push back up to the starting position.


EN(W): 1000mm // BOY(L): 1250mm // YÜKSEKLİK(H): 1500 mm

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80 Kg

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